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Syria, Daesh at Deir Ezzor is surrounded and has no escape route

Syria, Daesh At Deir Ezzor Is Surrounded And Has No Escape Route

Daesh at Deir Ezzor is completely surrounded along the Euphrates. East of the Euphrates are the SDF of Jazeera Storm, which are pressing at Hajin, Sousah and Sha’Fah. In the west the Syrian army (SAA) is holding on at Abu Kamal

Daesh at Deir Ezzor is completely surrounded along the Euphrates. In the east are the SDF of the Jazeera Storm (Cizire Storm) operation, who are attacking – with the air support of the International Coalition – Sousah, Hajin and Sha’Fah. The objective is to divide the militiamen of the Islamic State into three separate and isolated groups, and in doing so defeat them more easily in the near future. Moreover, on the social media images are circulating, (although not confirmed officially) on the arrival in Iraq, from the Usa, of additional military aid for the Arab-Kurdish forces. These are mainly armored vehicles, but also tractors and munitions. At the west of the river, instead, in the area of Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal) there is the Syrian army (SAA). The SAA, although it hasn’t moved forward and is constantly being attacked by Isis on an almost daily basis, is continuing to maintain the defenses in the area. Besides, also thanks to the support of the ISF, the jihadists have lost the access to the neighboring country in the south of the province.

The Islamic State is blocked between two fires and without escape routes. Moreover, the moral is low and resources are also running low. Fears are being expressed of emotional actions from the militiamen during Ramadan.

As a consequence, Daesh In the southern area of Deir Ezzor is caught between two fires. With no chance of escape. The few who try, especially leaders of the Islamic State, are intercepted and eliminated thanks to the constant aerial surveillance over the Syrian province. In the past days, moreover, 5 Isis high commanders were killed while they were trying to cross the southern border with Iraq. That things are not going well for the jihadists in Syria, especially against the SDF, is understandable also from the social media. There is no picture of fights against the Arab-Kurdish forces. Instead, every time a vehicle of the SAA is destroyed, immediately images of the so-called “victories” are broadcasted. The militiamen will not hold for long. Their morale is low, the men have not been paid and the supplies are almost finished. Moreover, there is a risk that they might attempt emotional gestures out of desperation. In particular during the period of Ramadan.

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