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Syria, coalitions of pro-Turkey militias finance themselves on the population

The coalitions of pro-Turkey militias finance themselves on the population. In the area of ​​Idlib and Aleppo, taxes on civilians are increasing. In the east, however, the thefts of livestock begin. Goal: survival

Coalitions of pro-Turkey militias north of Syria continue to finance themselves at the expense of the population. Members of some factions have infiltrated Ain Issa (Raqqa) to steal dozens of cattle. A group of shepherds intervened and soon a violent firefight broke out, which resulted in the deaths of several civilians and the injury of others. That of the past few hours is only the latest in a series of raids that the guerrillas carry out in the east of the country. In the north, however, they continually impose new taxes on the population. The goal is to finance themselves and find the resources necessary for survival. Above all, after Ankara cut aid and the allied groups of the TAF split into two rival maxi alliances – the SLF and the AMZ -, further reducing their flow.

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