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Syria, clashes between SDF and pro-Turkey militias intensify in Kurdistan

Clashes between SDF and pro-Turkey militias intensify in Kurdistan. Sayda confirmed as a strategic area

The clashes between the SDF and pro-Turkey militias in Kurdistan resume with violence. Attacks by para-military groups against Arab-Kurdish forces began after a TAF convoy was hit by an IED explosion between Qashqa and Al-Rayhaniyah, west of Tel Tamr, near an Ankara base. The toll was at least ten dead soldiers and several wounded. The militias reacted by targeting the SDF posts in Al-Daghlbash and Sayda. The latter city in the last month had been the scene of several infiltration attempts and the first direct air strikes by Turkey against the Kurds, after 17 months of hiatus thanks to the Russian-mediated truce. Since then, there have been other attacks in the Syrian quadrant, directly involving the TAF, albeit only with artillery.

The internal war for Ankara’s aid between the TAF allied groups in Idlib and Aleppo is also escalating. The money for the wages of the fighters ran out

The situation in northern Syria is suddenly heating up. On the one hand, attacks by pro-Turkey militias against the SDF in Kurdistan and infiltration attempts have intensified. On the other hand, the internal war between the TAF allied para-military groups has intensified. In fact, both factional clashes and attacks on members of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) between Idlib and Aleppo have increased. The last one took place just a few hours ago in Al Fu’ah. At the center of the conflict there are always the Ankara’s aids, now reduced to a flicker. These are no longer enough to pay the wages to the fighters, who become more and more nervous and uncontrollable every day. As a result, attacks on other entities and on the main collector of Turkish resources – HTS – multiply.

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