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Syria, clashes between SAA-Russia and pro-Turkey militias in Idlib intensify

Clashes between SAA-Russia and pro-Turkey militias intensify in Idlib. The attacks become more incisive and hit deep. Nervousness is growing among the TAF allied groups about the imminent enemy offensive

Clashes intensify in Idlib, where the Syrian army (SAA) and Russia have launched a series of raids and surprise attacks against pro-Turkey militias. TAF based in Zawiya responded to the offensive by targeting SAA positions in Khan al-Sebl. In addition, the Ansar al-Tawhid Group bombed the army and Federation troops in Dadikh. In fact, the situation in the quadrant is heating up rapidly after months of stalemate and nervousness is growing among the Ankara-linked rebels. They fear, in fact, that the news of an imminent SAA-Russia mass offensive is not just a rumor, but could be concrete. For the first time in months, in fact, targeted raids and bombings hit deep in the province, an anomalous move in a war of position such as that between Damascus and the militias.

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