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Syria, clashes between SAA and TAF in Idlib intensify

Clashes between the Syrian army (SAA) and the TAF in Idlib intensify. There is a risk of an escalation, which Turkey could use as an excuse for a new offensive

Damascus reacts to Turkey’s military strengthening south of Idlib and fears of a possible surprise offensive by the TAF in Zawiya, by bombing the posts of Ankara’s allied militias in the area. The attack, however, took place near the new observation point of the Turkish soldiers in Kansfra, which is only two kilometers from the Syrian Army (SAA) front line in Kafr Nabl and Hizareen. According to local sources, there were no casualties, only damage to the buildings near the TAF barracks. The reaction of the latter was not long in coming and took place in the same way: namely with artillery attacks on the SAA positions in Al-Salihiyyah (Saraqeb), Kafr Nabl, Halloubah and Jabal al-Turkman north of Latakia. The clashes, albeit sporadic, have recently been increasing and there is fear of an escalation, which could be used as an excuse to kick off the new offensive.

Meanwhile, Ankara continues to divert forces to Zawiya by closing non-strategic observation points in the province. Objective: to prevent Damascus from taking Barah

Moreover, Ankara continues to concentrate its military forces south of Idlib, dismantling the other garrisons. The latest is the fifth observation point of Tel Tokan, the seventh closed so far in the Syrian province since the beginning of the year. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the troops inside it will be diverted to Kandafra, on Mount Zawiya. Moreover, only a few days ago, the activities of Saraqeb (the sixth) had ceased and the destination of the TAF was the same. The thesis is therefore strengthened that Turkey is planning a possible new offensive against the SAA or that in any case it is trying to prevent Damascus from conquering Barah at all costs.

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