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Syria: circle tightened on Isis in Sha’Fah and Susah, also thanks to Sand Hippos

The preparation of the SDF offensive against Isis in Sha’fah and Susah continues. Jazeera Storm forces in Deir Ezzor advance on the ground, Coalition fighters attack the strongholds of the Islamic State and the Sand Hippos strike from behind enemy lines

The preparation of the SDF ground offensive against Isis in Sha’Fah and Susah in Deir Ezzor continues. Fighters of the International Coalition and artillery are continuing to bomb the strongholds of the Islamic State. Meanwhile, Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) troops have taken Husayyah and are starting the clean up of the area. Then they will move south to the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV). Meanwhile, the south axe of the Syrian fighters have liberated Baghuz Fawqani from Daesh and started to reorganize their forces in view of the imminent attack on Susah. The success was also possible thanks to the intervention of Sand Hippos. The mysterious group, in fact, has hit the jihadists on several occasions from within their lines, displacing and sending them into chaos. This meant that the militia’s defenses were broken and that they escaped from the battlefields, opening gaps through which Syrian fighters advanced quickly.

From President Trump some important clarifications on the US military disengagement from Syria. “I never said it will happen tomorrow. We do not want to stay forever, but we want to protect the Kurds nevertheless”. The confirmation comes from the pressing on Daesh to Deir Ezzor, never as high as in this period

Meanwhile, important news about the disengagement of the US military from Syria comes. President Donald Trump, according to CNN, has confirmed that they will leave the Middle Eastern country, but did not want to give details about when this will happen. “I never said it would be tomorrow,” he said, responding to concerns about the fate of the anti-Isis maneuvers and of the Kurds. In his regard, he stressed that “Turkey does not love them. Others do. I do not like that they sell their little oil to Iran – concluded the tycoon -. In the same way, they fight better when we fight with them. We do not want to stay in Syria forever, but we want to protect the Kurds nevertheless”. The confirmation of his words comes from the fact that in Manbij there is still a strong American presence and that the pressing on the Islamic State at Deir Ezzor has never been as high as in this period.


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