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Syria, campaign of bomb attacks against Turkey in Al Bab

A wave of bomb attacks on Turkish troops has begun in the al Bab area. In about a month there were four. The matrix is ​​currently unknown

A wave of bomb attacks against Turkish troops has begun in northern Syria, particularly in the al Bab area north of Aleppo. The last one occurred just a few hours ago and saw an IED explode as the vehicle passed by an interpreter who worked for the TAF, injuring him. Another bomb, on the other hand, was defused shortly before near an Ankara soldiers’ checkpoint in Ashrafieh. Last month, a member of the Turkish military police was also killed in the same way and a van loaded with explosives was detonated near the Fatima al-Zahra Mosque. None of the actions have so far been claimed, but there are three hypotheses in this regard: that it is the work of militiamen linked to Damascus or the Kurds, or of jihadists belonging to groups rooted in Idlib.

The campaign in the Syrian city is likely to continue. Turkey runs for cover, sending reinforcements and organizing roundups. Ankara, in fact, is worried that with all the attention paid to Idlib someone might try to create chaos in the city on the M4

Moreover, it seems that the campaign of attacks against Turkey is destined to continue. It is no coincidence that the TAF and allied militias in the city north of Aleppo have just received new reinforcements and supplies. In addition, a series of roundups are underway up to the border with the territory controlled by the Syrian army. Ankara, pressured by Russia to reduce its military contingent and observation points in Idlib, fears that with all the attention focused on the West there may be attempts to create chaos the city. Especially as this is strategic, being close to the stretch of M4 that leads from Aleppo to Manbij, Ain Issa, Tall Tamr, Qamishly and up to the Iraqi border. Losing control, even partially, would mean, in fact, being cut off from the whole quadrant.

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