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Syria, bad news for Daesh. The SDF go back to Deir Ezzor and seek revenge

Syria, the army of Damascus (SAA) attacks Isis at Deir Ezzor, near the Hamad desert. The SDF return to the area, and might launch another offensive against the Daesh

In Syria, the army if Damascus (SAA) continues to move against the Islamic State in the southern area of Deir Ezzor, in the Hamad desert. The soldiers are moving from north east of Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal), with the objective of conquering as fast as possible the lake of Faydat al-Jubb. Control of the lake is strategic towards the Daesh to cut out the water resources towards Badia Sham. But Isis could soon have another enemy in the area. The Kurdish forces of the SDF of Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera). Once the war against the Turkish forces of Olive Branch at Afrin is over, many Syrian fighters are going back to the province and, according to some sources, are preparing a new offensive against the IS in the quadrant. This could be launched from the Rawdah Road and from the al-Omar oil fields. At the moment, however, there are no official confirmations.

If this is confirmed, how will the new operation of the Kurds against the Islamic State be? Will it remain as Cizire Storm, at east of the Euphrates or will it also move to the west

If the new operation of the SDF against the Islamic State at Deir Ezzor were confirmed, it would be important to understand its main characteristics. That is whether it will operate East of the Euphrates like Cizire Storm. Or whether, instead, it will also concentrate in the west, in the area where at present the Damascus army is moving against Daesh. Both the Rawdah Road and the al-Omar fields, in-fact, represent valid choices for the Syrian fighters. Whichever they choose, for Isis their return will represent a disaster. The SDF have a great desire for revenge, after the defeat suffered at Afrin, and will be confronted with a manageable enemy. That is inferior for number and armaments. Therefore crushable, unlikely the troops of Olive Branch.

Meanwhile in eastern Ghouta civilians and rebels of Jaysh al-Islam are being evacuated from Douma. Damascus must, however, still liberate the south, partially in the hands of the Daesh

Meanwhile, in eastern Ghouta the final evacuation of civilians and of the militiamen of Jaysh al-Islam has begun. This after some days of intense bombing on the quadrant. These have obtained that the rebels and Damascus have reached an agreement. Agreement which stipulates that the refugees should be escorted at Idlib and in exchange they should lay down arms and cease all hostilities against the troops. The army (SAA) is however preparing an invasion of Douma aimed at taking control once it has been declared “free”. Moreover, the soldiers are getting ready to attack the last area of the enclave still in the hands of the enemy. The south, partially managed by the Islamic State. To the extent that the Daesh is trying to extend its influence to Qadam, westwards, and to the capital. Isis rules over the refugee camp of al-Yarmouk and of Al Hajar al Aswad.

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