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Syria, bad day for Isis: SDF move towards Hajin and Daesh ends in Idlib

The SDF chase Isis out of al-Bakaan and get even nearer to Hajin. The Daesh militants are caught between 2 fires

The SDF at Deir Ezzor are starting to move against Isis in the area of Hajin. The troops of Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera) have driven Daesh out of the suburbs of al-Bakaan, and are now moving towards the centre. Meanwhile, they are continuing to besiege Bahrah, forcing the militants to escape southwards, towards Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal) and Sha’fah. This last place, however, is being constantly attacked by raids of the US-led Coalition, which during the last hours is extending its strikes also more northwards. As a consequence, jihadists are caught between 2 fires and are concentrating their forces in the quadrant between Abu Hasan, Al Buq’an and Al Kashmah. Moreover, the Islamic State in the area cannot receive reinforcements. Neither from the north, because here violent clashes with the Syrian fighters are taking place, nor from the south where any action is impossible because prevented by the enemy’s air attacks.

In Idlib there is no longer a pocket of resistance of the Islamic State. Between 300 and 400 militants together with their families have surrendered to Hayat Tahrir al-Sham

Isis, moreover, has just suffered a deadly blow in the north of Syria. Between 300 and 400 jihadists, including their families (80 women and children), have surrendered to militants of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), former al-Nusra Front, at Idlib. After this, Daesh lost its last pocket of resistance in the area after an attempt to reach Turkey, bypassing the Syrian Army (SAA, present in the south and in the east) and entering the territory controlled by the HTS. The capitulation, which was defined, by social media near the rebels, as capture, took place in the area of Khuwayn Al-Kabir, in the southern area of the province. For the past few hours, in fact, many Twitter profiles have been publishing photos of the prisoners of the Islamic State. As a matter of fact, at the moment, the presence of the IS in Syria is limited exclusively to Deir Ezzor (south, south west and north east) and to a part of Homs.

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