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Syria, Assad deploys the army to win the elections

Assad deploys the army to win the elections. The soldiers sent en masse to Damascus and all the major cities of the country. They will formally guarantee security. They will actually check if the civilians have voted

Syria has armored itself for today’s presidential elections. For about two days there has been an unusual military presence in the main cities of the Middle Eastern country. Security at the polling stations was also strengthened with the arrival of army reinforcements (SAA), who lined up in the main focal points of the inhabited centers. The official motivation of Damascus is to guarantee the safety of the voters and the correct conduct of the operations. In reality, however, it is believed to be a move by the Bashar al-Assad regime to intimidate the population and force civilians to go to the polls. Not surprisingly, the opposition parties had invited the inhabitants to boycott the elections, as they were distorted and Assad would have been the winner anyway.

The use of the military to force the population to vote is not new in Syria. In the past there have already been checks on citizens’ indexes to see if they were stained with blue ink

The use of the army by the Syrian regime against the population in elections, however, is not new. Already in the last presidential elections, the soldiers organized several checkpoints and patrols, both in Damascus and in the main cities of the country. The goal was not to protect the polling stations or voting operations, but to stop the locals and check if their index finger was stained with blue ink. If so, it meant that they had gone to the polls as requested by Assad and were therefore released. If not, however, they were beaten and then forcibly taken to the polling stations.

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