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Syria, Assad bombs HTS and Isis in Hama and Idlib so as not to lose ground

Damascus bombs Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Isis and the rebels in Hama and Idlib to block their advance to the west. The Syrian army (SAA) has difficulty managing the enemy counterattack

The Syrian Air Force (SyAF) launched new violent airstrikes on the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), Isis and rebels posts in Hama and Idlib. Damascus fighters bombed Tirmala, Hazarin, Habeit, Hish, Khan Sheikhan, Kafr Rumah, Maara Hremah, Hish, Qusabayiah and Al-Faira, with the aim of weakening the jihadists’ defenses and easing their offensive on the western margins of the area of ​​operation. Militians, presumably from HTS or Daesh, in fact, carried out an attack with drones on the Hama air base, from which the aircraft of Bashar Assad taking off in the region take off. In addition, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) conquered Kafr Nabudah, forcing the army (SAA) to fall back. In the international community, first and foremost the United States, there is great attention on maneuvers. This, as Assad’s forces were accused of having used chemical weapons again and Washington said it was ready to intervene to stop them.

The SDF in Deir Ezzor and the Iraqi forces in Anbar continue the manhunt against the militia of the Islamic State. The ISF quickly captured five Daesh leaders and destroyed a terrorist cell

Meanwhile, between Deir Ezzor and Anbar in Iraq, SDF and ISF operations are ongoing to neutralize ISIS cells. Jazeera Storm continues the manhunts in all inhabited centers along the Euphrates and oversees the borders to the east and south to avoid possible infiltration of elements of the Islamic State. The forces of Baghdad, on the other hand, are pressing the Daesh militia with targeted operations in the region, aimed at eliminating the networks of supporters and the leaders of the group. A high jihadist commander named Abu Anas al-Samarei, responsible for collecting weapons from the population, was captured in Annah. In Falluja the ISF also arrested four IS leaders and dismantled a fundamentalist cell. This planned terrorist attacks in the next few days, perhaps on the occasion of the Eid al Fitr, the holiday that celebrates the end of Ramadan.

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