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Syria, as expected Isis raises his head as the Turkish offensive starts


Isis, as expected, raises its head in the East of Syria as the Turkish offensive starts. A large group of Islamic State militants surprisingly attacked the AlBase base in Raqqa

The first effects of Turkey’s north-east offensive are already beginning to be seen in Syria. Isis, who until now had kept a very low profile in the area being hunted by the SDF, immediately raised its head. In Raqqa, a large group of Islamic State militants carried out a multiple attack to try to take control of the Al-Basel base in the city center. The structure is the headquarters of the internal defense forces. To complicate the scenario there was a blackout of electricity, which lasted several hours. Eventually the Daesh jihadists were defeated and the situation returned to calm. The Arab-Kurdish forces, however, have increased vigilance throughout the quadrant to prevent further surprise action. In fact, new blitzes are feared in the coming days.

Daesh, once Ankara’s maneuvers have begun, will most likely seek to free his men from the SDF prisons

What happened in Raqqa confirms local and international fears that Isis has waited for the start of the Turkish offensive in Syria to re-emerge. The Islamic State has been defeated by the SDF from the military point of view, but to the east of the Euphrates are still active dense logistic and financing networks to the jihadists of the Islamic State. Not surprisingly, Jazeera Storm carries out daily operations in the region to dismantle them. It is particularly feared that the militiamen will attack the camps where their comrades are detained, in order to free them. The structures are currently adequately protected but, after Ankara launched the operation in the north-east, there is a real risk that security would be less tough. And if Daesh were to succeed, he would have a real army with which to return to sowing terror throughout the region.

The attack on Raqqa confirms that Isis, despite the military defeat, is still able to organize itself. How will the Global Coalition behave in the event of Turkey’s maneuvering in Syria?

On the other hand, it had not been for some time that Isis attacked a target in an eastern Syrian city with such a large group of militants. There is talk of almost fifty elements of the Islamic State for the Raqqa episode. All the aggressions had taken place with a handful of elements or thanks to bombs. This confirms that Daesh, despite all the arrests and killings of its leaders, still has the capacity to organize itself in a short time. As a result, it is virtually certain that the jihadists will attempt to assault the camps during the Turkish offensive. In that case, what will happen? Will only the SDF remain in the area to defend or intervene in the Global anti-Daesh Coalition? In which way? In fact, many people are beginning to wonder how it will behave in the case of Turkish maneuvers. Will operations in Syria continue regularly or will they be modified, if not frozen?

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