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Syria, anomalous pause in Turkish attacks in Kurdistan

Strange pause of Turkish attacks in Syrian Kurdistan. The most accredited hypothesis is that it is due to logistical needs (supplying the front line with ammunition). This suggests that Ankara lacks Combat Service Support (CSS)

In the last week there has been an anomalous calm in Syrian Kurdistan, which has seen the halt of Turkish attacks against the Kurds for no apparent reason. Then, in the past few hours, they have resumed with greater intensity, especially involving Ankara’s artillery. In the Kobane (Kobani) area, positions were hit in the villages of Tel Sha’ir, Jarqali, Sheyoukh Fuqani and Zor Magharah and near the Ahmed Munir Farm in Ain Al-Arab. In Hasaka, on the other hand, the tarets were the villages of Tel Laban and Tawilah. Finally, in Raqqa, there were exchanges of artillery fire between the TAF and the SDF in Ain Issa and Qaz’ali (Tel Abyad). The most accredited hypothesis is that there was a logistical pause for the purpose of resupplying the first lines with ammunitions. Turkish Combat Service Support (CSS), in fact, does not allow troops to operate without interruption, as is the case for other countries.

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