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Syria, and what if the real target of the Usa-UK-French attacks was Iran?

Some aspects of the Usa-UK-French attacks against Assad for suspect use of chlorine gas at Douma makes one think, as well as the fact that Israel has embarked on a “new phase” against Iran

And what if the real target of the Usa-UK-French attacks in Syria was Iran? There is another hypothesis circulating among the analysts, alternative to the one of a limited and circumscribed action, aimed at giving a warning to Assad regarding the use if chemical weapons. Particularly after what happened recently at Douma (an enclave of Ghouta). And that is that the strikes were really meant to give a warning to Teheran or even interrupt or undermine some activity carried out by the Sciite Republic in the middle eastern country. To support this thesis there are several elements that, although not crucial, make one wonder. First of all, is Israel’s attack against the military base T4 carried out in the last days. As confirmed by an officer of Jewish State to the New York Times, for the first time active Iranian targets were actually hit. ”A new phase has started”, he pointed out.

The targets which the joint action hit in Syria lend themselves to a twofold reading. Moreover, an Iranian base at Aleppo on 14th April has been the victim of a mysterious attack

Moreover, there is the question of the targets of the Usa-French-UK attacks in Syria. The first one was a research lab at Masyaf, which was thought produced nerve agents like chlorine. Then there was a military base of Damascus in the area of Dimas; a deposit of weapons in eastern Qalamoun (Kiswah) and, finally a site on the hillside at Qasyoun. A part from the area of the lab, all the others were not used exclusively by the army of Assad. But also and mainly by Iranian paramilitary forces supporting Assad in the fight against Daesh and other groups of jihadists and rebels. On top of this is also the mysterious air raid of the 14th April against an Iranian base at Aleppo, which caused at least 20 victims. All these aspects, added to the fact that one of the options given to American president Donald Trump was to inhibit Iranian targets, makes one think that in Syria actually a war against Teheran is going on.

Photo Credits: US Defence Department

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