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Syria, an Isis cell is responsible for the targeted murders at Deir Ezzor

The campaign of tribal leaders an prominent figure targeted assassinations in Deir Ezzor is the work of Isis. This is confirmed by the members of a cell, just captured by the SDF. Objective: to de-legitimize the credibility of the Arab-Kurdish forces

It was an ISIS cell, and not the SDF, that killed several tribal leaders and prominent local figures in Deir Ezzor in recent months. This was learned from the capture of about fifteen militiamen, which took place in secret in recent days in the Syrian province. The jihadists confirmed that they work for IS and for Damascus government and Iranian agents. Furthermore, they admitted that they received support from pro-Turkey groups. Further investigations are currently underway to see if there are also other terrorists involved in the attacks and what their chain of command was. What is certain is that behind the raids there was a well-defined strategy that aimed at two objectives. On the one hand, to eliminate awkward figures and, on the other, to de-legitimize the credibility of the fighters, turning them into an enemy to fight.

IS jihadists cooperated with agents from Damascus, Iranians and Turks. All acted under a precise modus operandi

According to the SDF, the interrogations of the Isis cell revealed interesting details on how the murder campaign in Deir Ezzor was managed. Someone identified the targets to be hit and communicated the information to the IS jihadists, who acted accordingly. Meanwhile, groups headed by Damascus or Turkey agents organized tribal meetings in their respective areas and issued statements in support of the protests related to the killings. Objective: to foment local riots to gradually take control of the Syrian province, rich in energy resources. Ankara in fact has never hidden its interest in the dial. So much so that in the past he also proposed to Russia to take joint control of it, “for the welfare of the Syrian population”.

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