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Syria, an entire village in Deir Ezzor reacts to the presence of Isis in the area

The inhabitants of al-Nimiliyah attacked the al-Naitel village, which housed and supported ISIS elements. The SDF had to intervene to restore calm. Meanwhile, Jazeera Storm hunts the militiamen of the Islamic State in Hasakah and on the Shaddadi Road

The local population in Deir Ezzor reacts against the presence of Isis in the Syrian province. In the past few hours the inhabitants of al-Nimiliyah have attacked the village of al-Naitel, accused of supporting the Islamic State and hosting the jihadists. The SDF intervened in the area to stop the clashes, but the tensions did not decrease. Rather. The charges were raised and it was added that Daesh elements were in the town. As a result, the battle intensified, even with mortar shells. This forced the International Coalition to send some fighters to restore calm. Meanwhile, Jazeera Storm is raiding Guiran, near Hasakah, after a bomb explodes. Furthermore, a massive operation of the Arab-Kurd forces is taking place along the Shaddadi Road. It appears that a large IS cell has been identified, but for now there are no confirmations or further details.

Deir Ezzor and the north east of Syria have changed: the population is no longer afraid of Daesh. Indeed, local inhabitants never miss an opportunity to try to take revenge on the jihadists

The reaction of the population of al-Nimiliyah is an important signal on how Deir Ezzor and in general the north-east of Syria have changed. The local inhabitants are no longer scared by Isis. Rather. They want revenge for the violence they have suffered. Therefore they are not afraid to report to the SDF the presence of militants of the Islamic State. Or, as happened in the past few hours, to take the initiative themselves and attack the jihadists, as well as all those who provide support to the group. Especially after Daesh and other actors have started burning crops and harassing some villages to get money and resources. Moreover, many of Jazeera Storm’s recent successes in finding fundamentalist cells in the area are due to the information provided by civilians. Which, in some cases, also monitored their movements until the arrival of the Arab-Kurd forces.

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