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Syria, air raids on Isis at Deir ez-Zor continue. Especially at Sha’fah

SDF with the air cover of Inherent Resolve progress towards Bahrah. Isis retreats southwards notwithstanding the waves of SVBIED

In Syria air raids on the Isis defences at Sha’fah continue. While SDF fight against the last pockets of Daesh resistance at Gharanij and attack Bahrah, the air fighters of the International Coalition have made several raids on the city. The purpose  is to prevent jihadists going from that area to support their comrades in more northern areas. In meantime, the milita’s propaganda has spread false messages saying that the raids of the last days at Bahrah had caused many victims among the civil population. Anaq reported that mostly women and children were killed. The truth is that Islamic State is incapable of resisting the double pressure from  Inherent Resolve – Cizire Storm (Al Jazeera). And this without considering the series of car bombs (SVBIED) launched against Kurdish force. In fact it seems that the Gharanj quadrant is second after Raqqa for the use of SVBIED from Isil in the Middle East country.

Daesh launches a surprise offensive against the Syrian army at al-Jalaa, south of Diet ez-Zor. Also here it is rejected with losses

Isis, then, retired southwards to Deir ez-Zor, in the area of Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal). Here it launches an offensive against the Syrian army (SAA) west of the Euphrates. The jihadists attacked in particular the village of al-Jalaa but the offensive was foiled by Syrian soldiers, which were not taken by surprise. The balance of the battle, which lasted almost all day, was of many Islamic State men killed and many more injured. Thesd can be added to the over 40 terrorists eliminated by SDF between Gharanij and Bahrah during the last hours and the ones who have lost their lived in the last raids made by the International Coalition, which brings the number of killed to nearly one hundred. And this only in the southern area of Deir ez-Zor.

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