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Syria: after water, Turkey uses again Isis as a weapon in the east

Turkey, blocked in Idlib, concentrates its activities in the north east of Syria to hunt the Kurds and acquire the energy fields

Turkey, as expected, is currently concentrating its activities in Syria against the Kurds. The TAF in the past few hours have bombed the villages of Coprilak and Afdaki, in the Tal Abyad area. In recent days, they targeted Al-Mabrouka and inhabited centers south of Ras al-Ain. In addition, it was an exchange of artillery shots with the Damascus army (SAA) at Ain Issa. Ankara, blocked in Idlib by the refusal of the local population and the militias to allow the passage of joint patrols with Russia on the M4, has fallen back on its original goal. Drive out the Kurds from the north of the country to try to take over the oil fields. This is due to the fact that there are no agreements with Moscow on the dial. It is no coincidence that the water cuts from the pumping plants that supply the population of Hasaka and the raids continue, even outside the buffer zone.

Ankara, after the water, uses Isis to increase the pressure on the SDF. Damascus and Russia are worried

Damascus and Russia are concerned about Turkey’s expansionist aims in northeastern Syria. The former, in fact, recently deployed reinforcements to the SAA in Ain Issa. Moscow, however, sent patrols along the buffer zone in Kurdistan to Iraq to understand “on the ground” what is actually going on. Ankara, on the other hand, has made no secret that it points to the energy fields in the region. So much so that the Federation is proposed to take control of it together to “rebuild” the country. As a result, there is great tension in the area, also fueled by the outbreak of coronavirus in the country. Furthermore, it seems that Turkey wants to exploit again Isis to further destabilize and distract the “enemy” (the SDF). According to The Violations Documentation Center in northern Syria (VDC-NSY), in recent days the TAF have released the Emir Daesh Faisal Blou, aka Abu Ahmed, in the Tal Abyad area. The man returned to his village with one of the FSA leaders, Raghed Youssef.

Photo Credits: North Press Agency

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