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Syria, after the Astana Process summit, is Turkey heading north east?

Does Turkey Now Point to Northeast Syria? It is feared that Ankara, thanks to the fact that the situation on the M4 in Idlib is normalizing, at the last summit of the Astana Process made a new agreement with Russia

Turkey, having achieved the goal of controlling the M4 in Idlib, could point to north east Syria. Local sources report that the TAF bombed the highway in the Ain Issa area. It is not clear what the formal objective was, but it is certain that Ankara has since some time set its sights on the region with a Kurdish majority. It is no coincidence that patrols have increased in the dial and Damascus has been forced to intervene, sending reinforcements to prevent a possible escalation. In the past few hours, however, there has been a new summit of the member countries of the Astana Process (Turkey, Russia and Iran). An agreement between those presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin may have been reached there. This is because joint patrols to the west have almost succeeded in fulfilling the planned mission (the last one should go up to Jisr Al-Shughou), despite opposition from the militias and the local population.

Western intelligence fears an escalation of violence and a new stop to the war against Isis. The SDF, on the other hand, are in a state of maximum alert and ready to intervene immediately (perhaps with the support of Damascus)

International and Kurdish intelligence are closely monitoring the development of the situation in Ain Issa. The former, as they fear an escalation of violence between the TAF and the SDF, which could once again interrupt the war against Isis throughout the Syrian region. The latter, on the other hand, prepare to take immediate action if the emergency escalates. In this regard, a defense plan has already been drawn up and an impressive contingent is on stand-by, ready to move, if the order is given. They are units from Deir Ezzor, Hasaka and Raqqa, which would converge on Ain Issa and the surrounding area. Damascus could also send assets quickly, especially from Mayadeen, where reinforcements have recently arrived to counter the Daesh raid campaign.

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