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Syria: after Russia, the SAA also intervenes in Kurdistan against pro-Turkey militias

After Russia, the Syrian army (SAA) also intervenes in Kurdistan against the pro-Turkey militias. Reinforcements are coming to the 93rd Brigade in Ain Issa. They will provide support to comrades and the SDF to block the raids on the M4

After Russia, the Syrian army (SAA) also intervenes in Kurdistan to stop the attacks and raids by pro-Turkey militias. Damascus has begun to send reinforcements to its units in the Ain Issa area. In particular, to the 93rd Brigade. They are soldiers, weapons, equipment and vehicles. These will help their comrades, who for days, together with the SDF, have been exchanging artillery shells with the jihadists. The situation in the quadrant has recently worsened, as there has been an escalation of militia raids. The goal is to take control of the M4 in the province in order to close the movements to the enemy and benefit theirs. Meanwhile, the Moscow soldiers continue excavating the maxi trench that will run along the highway to reduce the opportunities for contact and keep the truce intact.

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