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Syria, a silent but lethal war breaks out in Daraa

A silent but lethal war couples Daraa. SAA and Hezbollah militias surprise attack on Daraa al-Balad, but local rebels resist

There is a silent but lethal internal war going on in Syria, with its epicenter in Daraa, which sees the Syrian Army (SAA) and Hezbollah deployed on one side and the local anti-government militias on the other. In the last few hours, the tension has skyrocketed and the battle has intensified. To further complicate the situation, the SAA Fourth Division has tried to invade Daraa al-Balad en masse and is now fighting house by house. At the moment, clashes are ongoing in different areas of the city and in the suburbs, but neither of the two contenders seems to prevail. The rebels, however, maintain a strenuous defense and have managed to block the regular troops ground offensive. They have only regained the ground lost in the past few hours.

Russia intervenes immediately to stop a bloodbath with unpredictable results

Daraa is considered a powder keg waiting to explode. The army, despite having taken control of the Syrian province for years, is unable to conquer the rebel city despite various attempts. The surprise attack of the past few hours, which began after a period of relative calm, has precisely this objective. Not surprisingly, Damascus has asked Hezbollah for help, which has just sent reinforcements to Daraa al-Balad to support the SAA offensive. The situation, however, risks becoming uncontrollable and Russia intervened immediately to put out the fire before it is too late. A column of Moscow vehicles left Bosra al-Sham to reach the epicenter of the battle. Objective: to find an agreement between the troops and the rebels to stop the violence as soon as possible.

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