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Syria, a resurgence of the Turkey-Kurd conflict is coming

A resurgence of the Turkey-Kurd conflict is coming. The SDF will increase attacks on border areas and Ankara will respond with new air raids on Kurdistan. Meanwhile, the TAF receives ammunition and equipment

In the coming days there will be a resurgence of the conflict between Turkey and the Syrian Kurds. According to intelligence sources, attacks on the border areas (Gaziantep, Diyarbakir and Sanliurfa) are expected to be launched from Kurdistan, following the recent raids by Ankara fighters on Aleppo (Kobani), Hasaka (Qamishli) and Raqqa. TAFs will respond with new strikes to weaken enemy defenses. In particular, the command and control centers will be targeted, as well as the main sources of supply for the frontline of the SDF. It is not even excluded that Turkey will launch the announced ground offensive, as suggested by at least two halts to the attacks by the TAF, presumably due to the need to supply the military with ammunition and equipment. The tension in the area is skyrocketing and at the moment, despite all the international interventions, there are no signs of its possible short-term de-escalation.

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