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Syria: a new militia operation room, antagonist of HTS, is born in Idlib

Five Qaeda militias, an antagonist of HTS, create a new operation room in Idlib. The jihadists believe the former al-Nusra Front is too soft with Damascus

The situation is still complicated in Idlib, where a group of five Qaedist militias has formed a new operation room. This, despite being composed by many former commanders of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and part of the same current, for the formation is an enemy. The “rebel” group, in fact, believes that the position of HTS especially towards the Syrian army (SAA) and the Assad regime in the province is too soft. As a result, it called all members together to end the truce and resume the “liberation war” against Damascus. The birth of the team for the former al-Nusra Front is a problem. It is a “weapon” that Turkey or the opposing groups could exploit to threaten its leadership and popular support, already under attack thanks to enemy provocateurs, as confirmed by recent protests.

Meanwhile, Russia is preparing the ground for the SAA offensive in Al-Barah. New raids and bombings with artillery on militias

Meanwhile, the SAA continues to bomb the area south of Idlib and Russia to carry out air raids. The latest occurred in Al-Barah and near Deir Sunbul (Jabal Al-Zawia). There is no official information about it, but it appears that Damascus is preparing a large-scale offensive in the quadrant of the Syrian province. In recent days, numerous supplies and reinforcements have arrived to the soldiers, including armored ones. In addition, attacks on militias are concentrated in specific places. The goal is twofold and passes to force the jihadists to fall back on the M4. In this way, the Turkish TAF will have to intervene to neutralize the threat to highway safety and the rebels will be closed between two fires.

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