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Syria, a mass exodus of the Isis jihadists from Baghuz Fawqani is underway

The final assault of the SDF against Isis in Baghuz Fawqani led to a mass exodus of Islamic State jihadists at Deir Ezzor. Some cut their beards and wear burqa and niqabs, hoping to go unnoticed

The final assault of the SDF against Isis in Baghuz Fawqani has created a mass exodus of the jihadists from the enclave to Deir Ezzor. Dozens of militiamen of the Islamic State are taking any trick to try to escape from Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) troops. The norm is to mix among the civilians evacuated from the clash zones, often cutting the beard hoping not to be recognized. Some Daesh elements, however, went further and dressed up as a woman. Syrian fighters discovered them, hidden under burqa and niqab (traditional female clothes in the Islamic religion). Others, however, prefer surrendering to the Arab-Kurdish forces, as they know that they will be treated in human conditions. In fact, the area in the Middle Euphrates River Valley (MERV) is emptying. In the last bastion IS only a few terrorists remain, the most radicalized and the desperate, who would not know where to go.

The Daesh militiamen who remained in the last stronghold of the MERV are the most radicalized and desperate. In addition, they shield themselves with civilians. Jazeera Storm proceeds slowly and cautiously so as not to endanger them

The core Isis, although small, is still very dangerous. This, because in Baghuz Fawqani there are still many local inhabitants, that the militiamen of the Islamic State do not hesitate to use as human shields. That is why the SDF, despite the enemy area is less than two kilometers, are proceeding slowly and with caution. In parallel, in fact, the evacuations of civilians continue, which can not be put at risk by the clashes. Meanwhile, the International Coalition continues to bomb Daesh posts in the village, to further weaken its last defenses and encourage the population to flee. The jihadists, in fact, back towards the center, sending suicide bombers to slow down the offensive of Jazeera Storm. However, now they’re running out of resources and supplies. As a result, it won’t be long to their final collapse.

Photo Credits: ANHA

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