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Syria, 785 Isis militiamen free in Ain Issa thanks to Turkish raids

786 Isis militiamen flee from Ain Issa prison thanks to Turkey’s Syria raids

The escape of ISIS militiamen from SDF prisons does not stop in the north of Syria, thanks to the Turkish offensive. In recent hours, the TAF have bombed another camp, that of Ain Issa. Following this there was a mass evasion of the Islamic State militia, most of them foreigners. There is talk of 785 foreign fighters, as reported by the official website of the Autonomous Region of Northern and Eastern and Syria. According to some unconfirmed sources, it appears that the Ankara soldiers themselves have helped the Daesh jihadists to leave the facility. In fact, this was targeted despite not being considered a rewarding military target. It is the fourth prison where IS members are locked up to be hit by Turkish raids since the maneuvers began.

Ankara’s strategy is to free Daesh jihadists, especially foreign fighters, to distract Kurdish forces and weaken their defenses from within

Turkey, according to several analysts, is hitting the prisons where the ISIS militiamen are detained for a precise strategy. The goal is to distract the SDF by engaging them against a new enemy. Not all jihadists of the Islamic State freed, in fact, are fleeing. Several of them, especially foreign fighters, take up arms against Kurdish forces. The cause is that they don’t know where to go and, consequently, the only alternative left to hope to survive is to fight by opening a gap for escape. Just like when they were captured. Ankara knows this and plays on this factor to weaken the enemy’s defenses, exploiting elements from within Syria along with the allied militias, associated with air strikes and incessant artillery bombardments. Moreover, what happened to Ain Issa had already happened to Al-Hol, but security in the field had held up. It is not known, however, how much it will still hold.

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