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Syria, 29,600 Isis militiamen surrendered to the SDF in Baghouz

The SDF at Deir Ezzor draw up an assessment of the Jazeera Storm operation from January 9: 29,600 ISIS militiamen surrendered, 25,000 captured and 1,600 killed, compared to 11 casualties and 61 wounded. About 5,000 members of the Islamic State remain in Baghouz

29,600 ISIS militiamen, along with the families, surrendered to the SDF in Deir Ezzor since 9 January 2019. It’s confirmed by the Syrian fighters in a note and a press conference, in which they trace the assessment of Jazeera Storm operation in Baghouz . According to the information, the Arab-Kurdish forces captured 25,000 Islamic State terrorists (520 with special operations) and killed 1,600 of them, as well as injuring many others. This in the face of the loss of only 11 elements and the wounding of another 61. The civilians evacuated so far from the battle zones with Daesh were 37,000. Finally, it is specified that the jihadists are confined in a very small portion of territory, constantly under attack. Both from the SDF and from the International Coalition. However, in the quadrant, according to spokesman Kino Gabriel, about 5,000 IS elements could have remained with their families.

Meanwhile, Daesh jihadists blew themselves up among their comrades who gave up to the Arab-Kurdish forces. Perhaps they were women or dressed as such

Meanwhile, the ISIS militiamen left in Baghouz have adopted a new technique to generate chaos and gain time against SDF. At least three suicide bombers (shahid) blew themselves up inside a group of Islamic State militants who were surrendering to Jazeera Storm. Then, their comrades started shooting, trying to gain ground. The action, a clumsy attempt of a complex attack, however, was blocked in the bud. In fact, Jazeera Storm’s forces neutralized them immediately. Now at Deir Ezzor in the ranks Daesh is an all against all. The “irreducible” did not hesitate to kill their comrades, considered traitors for surrendering, in order to reach their goal. Moreover, it seems that the shahid were women, or dressed as such.

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