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Syria, 20 Islamic State militiamen fleeing the Aswad prison in Raju

20 Islamic State militiamen fleeing the Aswad prison in Raju The pro-Isis jihadists, among the most dangerous, escaped from the Black Prison with the complicity of the guards, taking advantage of the earthquake. They point to Turkey or Aleppo

About twenty Islamic State militiamen have escaped from the Syrian prison of Aswad in Raju (the black prison), taking advantage of the general chaos following the earthquake that hit the Middle Eastern country and involved the area. According to local sources, the evasion of the pro-ISIS jihadists would have been made possible thanks to some corrupt officials and directed by a mysterious Algerian IS commander, specialized in operations of this type. The prison is located in Afrin, not far from the border with Turkey, in a quadrant heavily controlled by the TAF. The structure, which took on that nickname due to the bad light conditions inside, houses about two thousand prisoners: many are some of the most dangerous Islamic State terrorists who operated in the nation, including several foreign fighters, but there are also local civilians, accused of supporting Kurdish forces. The fugitives will presumably try to head to Turkey or to Aleppo to try to rejoin the IS cells still active in the country.

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