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Syria, 1,300 Isis militiamen and their families surrender to the SDF in Baghouz

1,300 ISIS militiamen and their families surrender to the SDF in Baghouz, confirms the spokesman of Jazeera Storm. The Islamic State has until today to surrender, then the Arab-Kurdish forces will enter the tent city

New mass surrender in the Isis ranks at Deir Ezzor. This is confirmed by the SDF spokesman, Mustafa Bali, in a Tweet. There is talk of about 1,300 items. Inside we read that following the intense offensive by Jazeera Storm, which attacks the territory still in the hands of the Islamic State in Baghouz from multiple fronts, a large number of Daesh militiamen and their families began to give up in the past few hours. To these must be added at least 112 IS members, killed by Syrian fighters in the last 24 hours. This against no loss on the other side. The fundamentalists have until today to surrender. Then, the Kurdish Arab forces will break into the tent city and underground tunnels. The goal is to conquer the area by the end of the week, so that the province can be declared free of terrorists.

Daesh broadcasts a video in which women also fight SDF in Baghouz. But it’s just propaganda

Meanwhile, the battle between Isis and the SDF in the tent city continues. The Islamic State militants continue to suffer losses following the International Coalition raids and Jazeera Storm artillery attacks. The few remaining jihadists, according to some videos circulating on the web, have also involved their families in the clashes. Inside, in fact, there are women participating in the shootings against the Arab-Kurd forces. It is, however, only Daesh propaganda, given that most of them and their children have been removed from the camp in recent days, as the food was finished. As a result, every available ration had to be reserved for IS fundamentalists. Therefore, if there are still women in the area, these are very few. Above all this last mass surrender, which in fact has “emptied” the basin from which to draw fighters.

Photo Credits: SDF

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