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Somalia, special forces maxi offensive against al-Shabaab

Somalia, Special Forces Maxi Offensive Against Al-Shabaab

Danab performs two raids in a few days, killing at least 65 militants from the Isis-linked group in Lower Jubba and Shabelle

Somali Danab Special Forces dealt a severe blow to al-Shabaab, killing at least 35 militiamen in Lower Jubba, including some prominent commanders. The maneuvers, in which international partners took part, mainly involved Lafta Anole and took place on the basis of a series of intelligence information. Thanks to them, the soldiers discovered some hiding places of the jihadists and attacked them by surprise. It is the second military raid of this kind against the Isis-affiliated terrorist group in a few days. In the previous one, 30 fundamentalists had been eliminated in the Lower Shabelle. Furthermore, at the beginning of the month, Mogadishu forces carried out three air strikes in the central and southern areas of the African country, neutralizing four leading figures linked to the formation.

In Somalia, a maxi-offensive against the jihadists linked to Isis began in January. It is the answer to their bloody campaign of attacks

The operations, some of which are still ongoing, confirm that a maxi offensive against al-Shabaab has started in Somalia. This is the response against the violent attack campaign launched recently by the terrorist group and which has also caused deaths in Kenya. Not only among civilians, but also US forces. On January 5, in fact, a handful of jihadists attacked the Manda Bay air base, killing an American soldier and injuring two contractors. The action was the latest in a long series. Just a few days earlier in Mogadishu there had been over 80 dead and 200 injured following the explosion of a truck full of explosives. The bomb attack, officially claimed by the terrorists, had been condemned by the whole international community, primarily the UN.

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