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Somalia, Al-Shabaab aims to conquer the Mudug region

Al-Shabaab aims to conquer the Mudug region. Attacks by pro al Qaeda jihadists increase. Objective: to use the region as a platform for offensives in Somalia

Al-Shabaab has launched a campaign of attacks in the Somalia’s Mudug region. The jihadist group, affiliated with Al Qaeda, targeted the area in the state of Galmudug, on the border with Ethiopia, launching offensives against the bases of local and government forces. Given the geographical position of Mudug, the goal seems to be to acquire full control of it to transform it into a sort of platform from which to launch operations in the rest of the African country. Not surprisingly, the militiamen have also conquered some small towns in the quadrant and are now aiming for the larger ones. Their tactic is always the same: a suicide bomber blows himself up at the entrance to an infrastructure and then a heavily armed commando comes into play, attacking the military from multiple fronts simultaneously. The first targets are the special forces Danab and Darawish, the only ones capable of causing problems for the fundamentalists.

The jihadists, however, first of all must take Amara back

Amara seems to be at the center of the Al-Shabaab offensive in Galmudug: the town is strategic, as it is directly connected to the coastal city of Harardheere, another stronghold of the jihadists. For about ten years it was controlled by the Qaedist group, but in early August the regular troops took it back. From that moment on, a series of attacks began gradually approaching the city, the last of which occurred only a few hours ago. The targets are always the military bases. This is both to weaken the enemy and delay its response and to occupy the facilities and stock up on weapons, vehicles, ammunition and food supplies, essential for continuing the jihad in Somalia.

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