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Russia, the United States increase training in the Arctic

The US increase training in the Arctic in an anti-Russia key. American soldiers in Lapland together with the Jääkäri Brigade of the Finnish Army. Pohjoinen 1/23 drill will be held on February 24. The region is increasingly strategic

The United States are stepping up efforts to train for Arctic combat, should the conflict in Ukraine escalate. Specialized US military units will fly to Lapland from February 6 to March 7 to cooperate with the Finnish Army’s Jääkäri Brigade to develop tactical compatibility between forces in the region. This was announced by the Helsinki Army. At the end of the training sessions, the American soldiers will participate on February 24 in the Pohjoinen 1/23 local defense drill in Lapland. The US and Finnish militaries have already recently cooperated on this front, in the context of the NATO drill, Cold Response, organized by Norway in Finnmark. Furthermore, the Arctic is becoming increasingly strategic for both the Atlantic Alliance and for Moscow, which has taken initiatives to modernize and expand bases in the region, as well as channeling new forces and assets there.

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