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Russia has a new enemy in Ukraine: E-Enemy

Russia has a new enemy in Ukraine: E-Enemy. It is a feature of the Diia App, born in peacetime to provide administrative services. Now the population uses it to report sightings of enemy troops and is disinformation-proof

The Ukraine armed forces have a new weapon to counter the invasion of Russia: it is called E-Enemy and it is a feature of the Diia app, used in peacetime by the population to have access to some administrative services. The functionality, in fact, allows anyone in the European country to report the presence of enemy troops or assets in real time. Moreover, it seems that it has already made it possible to hit several important targets (especially logistic convoys). Moscow agents noticed this and started spreading false information through the app with the aim of confusing Ukrainian soldiers. The attempt, however, failed as Kiev immediately ran for cover, entering the obligation to register via the e-password system in order to communicate. In addition, it took the opportunity to improve the service by associating an active Telegram channel with E-Enemy, in which further details on the sighting are requested. In this way the response can be better calibrated.

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