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Request for specialists in cybersecurity increased …as well as their salaries

The persistence of cyber attacks in the entire world have increased the requests for specialists in cyber security. The supply can’t satisfy the demand

The continuous cyber attacks throughout the world have increased the demand for experts in cybersecurity. This is confirmed by a survey carried out by the Headhunters Robert Walters firm, according to which in 2018 the salaries for cybersecurity professionals will increase by 7%. Not only. The entire sector of IT and technology will benefit of the steadily increasing general interest in anything linked to cyberspace. The average of increase in salaries, indeed, will be 2%. Developers and experts in infrastructures will obtain a bit more (3%). The driving force of growth in general is the shortage of supply compared to demand. The gap will not be  filled, at least not in the near future. Various surveys, in fact, have predicted that in 2022 there will be approximately 1,8 millions of professionals short of the number required. Those who already have these experts will have to increase their salaries or benefits if they don’t want to lose them. The others will try to steal them from other firms/ institutions with attractive offers.

DomainTools: it is essential that cybersecurity professionals are encouraged to remain in the companies

“The survey of Robert Walters recognizes the importance of cybersecurity experts for companies and institutions – explained Tim Helming, manager of DomainTools, quoted by Info Security -. It is vital that cybersecurity professionals are encouraged to remain in the companies. This in view of the fact that data breaches, cyber attacks, ransomware at high level and of other types of cybercrime have become more frequent, sophisticated and easy to commit.” In this context, he added, “an increase of the average visible salary within the specific sector could help bring more talented people” in IST.

However, not only money attract and keep cyber specialists

However, it is not only money to attract cybersecurity specialists and keep them from chanhging employer. Ahsan Iqbal, associated manager of Robert Walters, thinks that the majority of cybersecurity professionals take into consideration also position and working conditions. In psrticular flexibility of worki g hours and the possibility to do remote work.  And finally, Robert Walters adds that  the importance of the type of the project as well as the “working culture” of the employing company mustn’t be ignored as elements of attraction or retention of employees or consultants. One must remember, as a matter of fact, that many cyber talents are ethical hackers, with clear moral principles as well as an urge to face new challenges.

The article of Info Security on the survey by Robert Wales on salaries in IT and cybersecurity

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