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North Korea, the ballistic missile tests are fought with DDoS attacks

The North Korea’s ballistic missile tests are fought with DDoS attacks. The Asian country internet traffic has been put down for several hours after the last launch. Furthermore, the cyber warfare “responses” against Pyongyang are intensifying

North Korea has been hit by a cyber-attack a day after Pyongyang launched a new missile test, the fifth in this month. Reuters reported it. All internet traffic to and from the Asian country has been put down for several hours, and still today – as the web traffic has been restored – the local institutions suffer problems on this issue. There are no official confirmations, but cybersecurity analysts believe the cyber warfare operation has been conducted on a country basis via a DDoS offensive. This could be the answer to the recent repeated provocations by Kim Jong-un. Not by chance, a similar incident was observed on January 14, just few hours after another ballistic missile launch test. Moreover, the “responses” are intensifying. The latter, in fact, has put the entire North Korean network offline and not just portions of it, as has happened so far.

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