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North Kivu, DRC-Uganda anti-ISCAP operation along the borders

Terrorism, DRC-Uganda operation against ISCAP along the borders in North Kivu. Joint forces attack Mwalika and Kikingi, retaking Mwenda. Here the jihadists fleeing from Beni had taken refuge. Objective: to close them in a pincer

The forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda have launched a maxi operation against ISCAP on the border between the two countries. Objective: to expel pro-ISIS jihadists from Mwenda, a strategic village where the terrorists had recently taken refuge following intense bombing in the Beni area, considered their stronghold in North Kivu. The village was recaptured by the troops of the two nations, who neutralized at least 35 militiamen. In addition, joint maneuvers are underway between Mwalika and Kikingi. Here would be the leadership of the Allied Democratic Forces / National Army for the Liberation of Uganda (ADF / NALU) for the Isale quadrant. The soldiers of Uganda and the DRC are trying to close the fundamentalists in a pincer on three sides (North-South-West). To the east, in fact, there is Mount Stanley which makes any escape route very complex.

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