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Nigeria, the emergency of killings linked to organ trafficking breaks out

Nigeria, the emergency of killings related to organ trafficking breaks out: two episodes in a few days. All eyes on ISWAP. The modus operandi follows that of ISIS in Iraq and Syria

New emergency in Nigeria, in addition to that of jihadist terrorism: the killings linked to organ trafficking. In recent days, the body of a businessman from Anambra was found who was missing some vital organs. Same fate for a student of Jos, whose body was recently found mutilated and devoid of vital organs. Someone has pointed the finger at ritual killings, but the sudden increase in the phenomenon and the short distance between one murder and the next suggests that there is something else behind it. On the other hand, there has also recently been an increase in attacks by ISWAP, which has allied itself with local criminals to try to extend its influence in the African country. Furthermore, such practices were widespread among pro-ISIS groups in Iraq and Syria for the purpose of financing themselves. Consequently, it cannot be excluded that the same barbarities are now being re-proposed in Africa as well.


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