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Nigeria, maxi seizure of material to manufacture IED in Cross River State

Massive seizure of material to manufacture IED in Cross River State. The Nigerian army blocked a vehicle carrying two suspected ISWAP militiamen on board, carrying the cargo. Suspicions are growing about the transfer of pro-ISIS jihadists to the South

ISWAP/Boko Haram suffers heavy damage in terms of operational capacity in Nigeria. Local forces seized a vehicle in Southern Cross River State, loaded with explosives and materials to build IEDs. Inside a Toyota Camry in which two people were traveling, 72 electric detonators, 121 sticks of explosives, 200 7.62 caliber normal and 82 special bullets were found. Also several remote radio controls and numerous army uniforms, as well as insignia and documents were on board. There is no official confirmation, but the cargo was probably directed to a cell based in the area. This would confirm that pro-ISIS jihadists have moved from the North – where a military offensive is underway – to the relatively quieter South of the African nation.

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