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Nigeria, ISWAP’s presence in the South confirmed

ISWAP presence in Southern Nigeria has been confirmed. Pro-ISIS militiamen attack a Christian village in Iyara. The action is only the latest in a series in Kogi, Abuja and Taraba

New ISWAP attack in southern Nigeria. In the past few hours, a group of pro-ISIS jihadists destroyed a village and a Christian church in Iyara in the state of Kogi. In addition, the militiamen raided resources and then fled in vehicles and motorcycles. The analyst Christian Anzalone reported it. The attack is only the latest in a series, which took place in the last month in Kogi, Abuja and Taraba. It confirms that the fundamentalists are trying to extend their influence in the African country from the northern to the southern regions. Moreover, they had recently announced it themselves in a statement in which they claimed to be present in the three areas. Until now, however, there have been few signs as to whether their statements were reality or just propaganda.

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