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Nigeria, ISWAP increasingly under pressure on Lake Chad

ISWAP increasingly under pressure on Lake Chad. Operation Lake Sanity causes the deaths of at least 25 jihadists, who flee, even abandoning a child

New hard blow to ISWAP in Nigeria: the multinational joint force eliminated at least 25 pro-ISIS jihadists in the Lake Chad area during the targeted Lake Sanity operation. The maneuvers involved Tumbun Rago, Tumbun Dilla and Jamina. The raids led to the discovery of a large arsenal, which also contained an anti-aicraft weapon, and made it possible to capture a high-ranking member of the group: Musa Mani. The militiamen meanwhile fled, abandoning a five-year-old child, found in good condition by the military, who immediately evacuated him and entrusted him to social services. Similar maneuvers are underway in Kirta Wulgo, Gurmuchi Abuja and Baroua.

Abuja’s new anti-ISIS strategy works. This is confirmed by the remodeling of the group underway in the African country

The operation on Lake Chad is part of Abuja’s new strategy against ISWAP, which aims to target the supply lines of pro-ISIS terrorists and carry out targeted raids to track them from their hidden bases in the Sambisa forest. Activities that are bearing good results, as there is an almost exponential increase in militiamen and commanders who surrender to the Nigerian military forces out of distrust of the leadership of the formation or more simply out of hunger. Not surprisingly, the current ISWAP leader and son of the late founder of Boko Haram Mohammed Yusuf, Abou Mus’ab Al-Barnawi, has initiated a profound transformation of the group, with important replacements in leadership.

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