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NATO-Russia, Norway is central for the Arctic

Norway becomes central to NATO’s efforts to monitor Russia over the Arctic. After the United States, the United Kingdom also opens an operational base in the Scandinavian country. Objective: to create advanced platforms to track Moscow’s movements and intervene if necessary

NATO continues to strengthen its northern flank in Europe to better manage a possible military escalation with Russia. In this context, Norway has become central especially as regards the strategic area of the Arctic. In addition to the constant drills such as the Joint Viking, the Alliance members have, in fact, begun to open bases in the country in which to deploy specialized means and assets. The latest was the UK with Camp Viking at Øverbygd, which will become a hub for Royal Marines Commandos operations in the Arctic. The United States, on the other hand, owns Evenes Air Station, which will host USP-8A Poseidon aircraft, and the Ramsund Naval Base. The goal is to create a series of advanced operating platforms, from which to monitor the movements of Moscow’s forces in the quadrant, strategic at the same time if it were necessary to intervene in a very short time.

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