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Myanmar, the Junta enlists “the fools” to massacre the demonstrators

The Junta of Myanmar enlists “the fools” to massacre the demonstrators

The junta in Myanmar raises the bar against the demonstrators: in addition to continuing to shoot at demonstrators, it has enlisted civilians to threaten the population and attack those who took to the streets. All for a $ 5 salary. Local sources denounce it. They are real groups of squads who, as seen in the videos, are transported on trucks and unloaded near the places where protests are underway or where the “enemies of the homeland” are located. Once they arrive, they get out and, armed with clubs and sticks, they begin to beat like crazy, without making any distinctions of sex and age. They always operate in groups, led by plainclothes soldiers, who indicate to them the targets to hit. They call them the “fools”, the madmen, and the inhabitants of the Asian population are terrified of them.

The Fools arrive near a protest

The group attacks a demonstrator

Meanwhile, Aung San Suu Kyi reappears for the first time. His lawyer: He’s fine

Myanmar continues to be in chaos. Since 1 February, when the umpteenth coup d’etat took place, the violence continues on a daily basis. The media and witnesses denounce clashes and chases between police and demonstrators. Not only in Yangon, but also in the other main cities of the Asian country. Meanwhile, for the first time since her arrest, the leader and councilor of the state, Aung San Suu Kyi, appeared on video. The occasion was the trial in which she is accused of illegally importing radio transmitters and organizing a protest during the pandemic. This was announced by her lawyer, Khin Maung Zaw, confirming her good state of health. The lawyer, however, did not want to disclose further details for the safety of her client.

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