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Myanmar, the first results of the Anonymous war against the Junta

Here are the first results of the war between Anonymous and the Junta. The #OpMyanmar network hits the main sites of the institutions and blocks the military’s telecommunications. Meanwhile, it continues to provide tools to the population

The Anonymous offensive against the Junta in Myanmar begins to produce results. The hactivists posted a video of #TangoDown. These are military-related sites that the #OpMyanmar network has taken offline, in response to the violent crackdown on protests, which continues on a daily basis. They range from the institutional ones (government, foreign ministry, etc. ..) to the embassy of the Asian country in Germany. Finally, the telecommunications network of the armed forces was also affected. The war, however, is only just beginning and the collective has several “weapons” at its disposal. Not only is it multiplying attacks, but it also provides the population with valuable tools to organize and communicate safely, reducing the risk of ending up in the mesh of law enforcement.

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