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Mozambique, Turkey aims for an “anti-ISCAP” partnership

Turkey aims for an “anti-ISCAP” partnership with Mozambique. Ankara offers to help Maputo in the fight against terrorism in Cabo Delgado and to invest in local agriculture, tourism and industrial development

Turkey, after having established a garrison in Somalia thanks to two military bases, is now aiming for Mozambique. Ankara has offered Maputo its support in the fight against terrorism in Cabo Delgado and to cooperate in the development of social projects. According to Noticias, the Turkish ambassador to the African country, Avni Aksoy, presented the proposals to the president of the Mozambican parliament, Esperança Bias, during a meeting, finding fertile ground. Aksoy and Bias also reportedly discussed the possibility of opening an embassy in Maputo in Ankara and cooperating against ISCAP in the northern region. Finally, it seems that Turkey is interested in investing through partnerships with local actors in the sectors of agriculture, tourism and industrial development. Moreover, the relations between Ankara and Rwanda – Mozambique’s main partner against pro-ISIS jihadists – are excellent. Consequently, there would be no integration and coexistence problems in case Turkish military assets arrive.


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