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Mozambique, the EU plans to support Rwanda in the fight against ISCAP

The EU plans to support Rwanda in the fight against ISCAP in Mozambique. The idea is to provide a contribution as just done for the SADC SAMIM mission. Europe cannot lose sources of energy supply

The European Union is considering the possibility of allocating 20 million euros to Rwanda to support activities against ISCAP in Mozambique. This was announced by the High Representative for EU Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, explaining, however, that it is not a blank check for Kigali. The goal is to help building the resources needed to improve the operations of the troops in the fight against pro-ISIS jihadists in Cabo Delgado. Likewise, the EU last week donated 15 million euros to the SAMIM mission of the South African Development Community (SADC). The militiamen in the African country are trying to raise their heads and have become a growing threat, especially for the energy infrastructure in the north, some of which are already frozen for security reasons. Europe, following the crisis in Ukraine and the sanctions on Russia, cannot afford to lose other sources of supply. Consequently, it must act by strengthening local capacities.

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