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Mozambique, ISCAP recruits youth in Cabo Delgado with false job offers

ISCAP recruits young people in Cabo Delgado with false job offers. Pro-ISIS jihadists promise high pay. Then, once victims fall into the trap, they are threaten with death. The practice is repeated in Tanzania and South Africa

ISCAP in Cabo Delgado is recruiting young people with false job offers. This was denounced by the Minister of Defense of Mozambique, Cristóvão Chume, who underlined that dozens of young people in the province have already fallen into the network of pro-ISIS jihadists, behind the promise that they would get well-paid jobs in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects or of another type. Once fallen into the trap, the victims would then be forced to fight behind the threat of death. Similar practices, however, would also be carried out by recruiters in neighboring African countries, such as Tanzania and South Africa, where large, well-organized and structured jihadist cells operate. In this way, the militiamen have new forces at their disposal that they can use to try to consolidate their influence in the quadrant and to extend it further inside the nation.

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