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Middle East, tensions between Iraq and Turkey are growing

Tensions between Iraq and Turkey are growing. Baghdad, which accuses Ankara of being responsible for the massacre of tourists in Dohuk, strengthens border security also with Kurdish support and recalls the ambassador

Tensions are growing between Iraq and Turkey after a mysterious attack on a resort in Zakho, Dohuk, which killed eight tourists and injured 23 others. Ankara was accused of the event, defined by Baghdad as a terrorist act. however, it denies any wrongdoing and puts the blame on the PKK. Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi said it was a blatant violation of the national sovereignty of the Middle Eastern country. In addition, he met the Ministerial Council for National Security, which approved some ad hoc measures such as launching an internal investigation into the incident, the results of which will be sent to the assembly and to the United Nations Security Council. In addition, the Turkish ambassador to Baghdad was summoned and the Iraqi diplomatic representative in Ankara was recalled. At the same time, security on the border between Iraq and Turkey was strengthened by sending new assets and improving coordination with the Kurdish regional government.

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