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Middle East, Saudi Arabia seizes a maxi load of Captagon

Saudi Arabia has seized a maxi load of Captagon. The value was 550 million and it had departed from Syria

Saudi Arabia has just confiscated a maxi load of Captagon, called the fighter’s drug. The 47 million tablets have a value of about 550 million dollars. Just a few days ago, Turkey carried out a similar operation, blocking 12.3 million tablets for a value of 150 million. In both cases the drugs had come from Syria and should have been distributed in the Gulf and in Europe. The Middle Eastern country has in fact become a huge amphetamine factory. This was denounced by various international experts, according to whom it is not only the Islamic State that controls foreign trade, but also figures within the regime of Bashar Assad. Jordanian authorities, which have declared war on drug trafficking, estimate that there are about 160 groups operating in southern Syria in this sector. They are organized partly as small armies and partly as organized crime.

Drug trafficking is increasingly widespread in the former ISIS for cash and internal use in Syria

The Captagon, however, is increasingly widespread even in Syria itself. The pro-ISIS jihadists, after the explosion of Covid-19 which added to the growing pressure of the SDF and Inherent Resolve, have increased their consumption exponentially. The virus, in fact, has already claimed several victims in the various groups of the Islamic State in the east of the country and continues to spread rapidly within them along with other diseases. IS leaders, however, cannot cure the sick or isolate the infected. So, they make them fight by drugging them with amphetamine. Then, when they are no longer useful, they abandon them. According to local sources, there are also commanders who deceive the militiamen into believing that amphetamines are drugs against the pandemic or other viruses.

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