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Middle East, Russia doesn’t want a new Peace Spring in Syria

Russia does not want a new Peace Spring in Syria. Moscow, which cannot afford a war between partners, is holding back Turkey: first by preventing the TAF from bombing and sending troops to Tel Rifaat and Manbij. Then, by saying it clearly

Russia, at least for now, does not want Turkey to launch a new military operation in Syria, along the lines of Peace Spring. The first signs came with the deployment of Federation troops in the area of ​​Tel Rifaat and Manbij, which forced Ankara to stop the bombing. Then, Moscow sent reinforcements to the quadrant. Finally, the Russian envoy for the Middle Eastern country Alexander Lavrentyev said that any maneuvers would be imprudent. This is because it could aggravate the situation and further destabilize it. Moscow, in fact, is closed between two fires. On the one hand, it has good relations with Turkey also for the Ukraine affair. On the other hand, says Damascus, its main partner in the region, which it cannot do without, especially at a time like this. Consequently, it must do everything to avoid escalation.

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