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Middle East, Iraq seals borders with Turkey and Iran

Iraq seals borders with Turkey and Iran. Baghdad sends reinforcements and equipment to counter growing violations of its national sovereignty. Kurdistan, on the other hand, receives international aid for security

Iraq seals its borders with Turkey and Iran to counter the two countries’ frequent violations of Baghdad’s national sovereignty. This was decided by the new premier Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani, who ordered the ISF to close ranks and strengthen all posts in the areas involved. In this regard, new weapons and equipment will be sent to contribute to the improvement of monitoring and the prevention of trespassing. The only uncertain element concerns the protection of Iraqi Kurdistan, recently targeted by Tehran to annihilate internal Kurdish opposition groups on the pretext that they fuel and support protests in the Middle Eastern nation. In fact, Baghdad’s military leaders have not named the region among those that will be involved in a security “surge”. On the other hand, however, Erbil can count on other international partners, who have increased both quantitative and qualitative defense support.

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