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Middle East, Iran uses militias in Iraq and Syria to press the US

Iran uses militias in Iraq and Syria to press the US. Escalation of attacks on US military targets in the two countries

Escalation of attacks on US forces in Iraq: the culprit is the Shiite militias, which have been given the green light by Iran to increase pressure on American soldiers. This resulted in a series of attacks, culminating in three attacks with rockets and drones, which occurred in the past 48 hours. Two soldiers were lightly wounded at the Ain Al-Asad air base, the largest in the Middle Eastern country, which houses both Inherent Resolve fighters and remotely piloted aircraft used in the fight against ex-ISIS jihadists. The US embassy in Baghdad itself was targeted by guerrilla missiles. The internal defense system intercepted one, while the other immediately fell outside the perimeter. The offensive in Iraq, however, shortly follows the aggression against the al-Omar international base in Deir Ezzor in Syria and the one against the Erbil airport in Kurdistan.

Tehran, however, cannot raise the bar too high in order not to obtain the opposite effect in nuclear negotiations with the United States and the guerrillas fear the Inherent Resolve air strikes

The escalation of attacks by Shiite paramilitary militias against the US military in Iraq and Syria has a specific objective: to increase pressure on Washington to relax its positions in the nuclear negotiations with Tehran. The attacks, however, cannot exceed a certain limit. The US, in fact, has a weapon much feared by the guerrillas: fighters and drones, against which the pro-Tehran groups have little defense. An air strike retaliation is expected and expected, but it is feared that this may be too intense or extensive. Furthermore, the Islamic Republic does not want to take the risk of obtaining the opposite effect in the negotiations, namely a further tightening of the American position.

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